How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Now-a-days, the usage of laptops has been increased but their battery lives have decreased subsequently. Battery life is a particular spec of not only laptops but even of smartphones too, that every user complains about but there have been various developments taking place in terms of types of batteries. It is pretty obvious that battery […]
Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

How to Create Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

Ever forgotten log-on password of your Windows 7? Isn’t it a really dreadful feeling? It happens with many people but planning ahead with the same won’t ever push in you worry about it. We are here today with a brief tutorial on how to create Windows 7 password reset disk. If you ever come across […]
Download Tango for PC

How to download Tango for PC

With the evolution of PCs, Mac and Laptops, connecting with people all over the world has become really easy because with just being a smartphone user or a PC user you can connect with the world instantly by using an internet connection. The work at various offices has been drastically reduced with the introduction of […]

How to Make a Phone Call from Google Hangouts

How to Make a Phone Call from Google Hangouts

Hey guys! Today we are here with Google free messaging feature- Hangouts. We hope that you all are very well aware about Google Hangouts which was previously known as GTalk. Last month, Google announced that Google voice calls now can be easily integrate with their service of Hangouts. The voice number associated with Google will […]
How to use phone as webcam

How to use Phone as Webcam

Hello guys we are again back with a new tutorial – How to use android phone as webcam. Chatting on messengers is good, talking on calls is better but having a video chat takes the conversation fun to a new height. But what if you don’t have a webcam? The answer is simple, if you […]
How to Unroot Android

How to Unroot Android

It is so much fun to root an Android device, rooting gives you a lot of flexibility which is not there in stock Android from company. But it also voids your warranty and if you need that warranty back then you need to unroot Android device. Now if you know how to unroot your device […]

Wechat for PC

How to download WeChat for PC

Hey guys! Today we are here with a brief and easy tutorial on how to download WeChat for PC and that too for free. Yes, you read it right. Now you can download various Android apps for your PC for free of cost. Now-a-days, WhatsApp is the most popular free social messenger but within a […]
Best Call Recording App for Android

Which is the Best Call Recording App for Android

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well. Have you ever given a thought to record a call? Because of increasing popularity of call recording there are numerous call recording apps being introduced. But which is the best call recording app for android? You can easily use these apps to store important conversations which you […]
How to Unbrick your Android Device

How to Unbrick your Android Device

Have you ever thought that what you will do if you are android device bricked while performing rooting or any other advanced operations like adding custom ROM? Many users fear to perform advanced operations with their Android devices because there are chances that their device could Brick if anything goes wrong while performing the actions. […]

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