How to manage saved passwords in Chrome

How to manage saved passwords in Chrome

GOOGLE CHROME which is developed by Google’s project, Chromium is a free web browser. It features a convenient in-built Password Manager which allows users to fill out the login forms automatically by saving your information so that making it easy for the users not to enter the same again and again. Using Chrome, when a […]
How to link bank account to Google Wallet

How to link Bank Account to Google Wallet

Hey friends! If you are a smartphone user, then we hope that you all are very much aware about Google Wallet but if you are not then no worries, we will here give you a brief intro about the same. Basically we will talk about how to link bank account to Google Wallet but what […]
How to Backup Phone Contacts

How to Backup Phone Contacts

Have you ever come across the situation when you shouted “Oh? God, Shit. I lost all my contacts. Damn! What I am going to do now?” Is it not that common complaint which every smartphone user talk about? Doesn’t it sound little silly and unbelievable at many times too? Yes, it does. But, it often […]

how to block a website

How to Block a Website

No matter what the reason might be but numerous people are seeking out to find methods for how to block a website. Some reasons might be that few websites spreading viruses or few of those websites are containing explicit content or even there are some websites which steal our personal data. You might think that […]
How to Clear Cydia Cache

How to Clear Cydia Cache

Before heading forward with our main purpose for this article, we want to know that do you actually know what Cydia is? No? Cydia is an app for jailbroken iOS devices which help the users in installing various other third-party applications to their devices. There is no doubt that stock devices by the company features […]
How to root Moto G 2nd Gen

How to root Moto G 2nd Gen

Recently Motorola finally decided to take over the smartphone market worldwide with release of its successful mid-range smartphones variants, Moto G 2nd Gen and Moto X devices. With updated variants, the smartphones are also offering its users better performance with an updated hardware as compared to its predecessors. These are available at an affordable price […]

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

Now-a-days, the usage of laptops has been increased but their battery lives have decreased subsequently. Battery life is a particular spec of not only laptops but even of smartphones too, that every user complains about but there have been various developments taking place in terms of types of batteries. It is pretty obvious that battery […]
Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

How to Create Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

Ever forgotten log-on password of your Windows 7? Isn’t it a really dreadful feeling? It happens with many people but planning ahead with the same won’t ever push in you worry about it. We are here today with a brief tutorial on how to create Windows 7 password reset disk. If you ever come across […]
Download Tango for PC

How to download Tango for PC

With the evolution of PCs, Mac and Laptops, connecting with people all over the world has become really easy because with just being a smartphone user or a PC user you can connect with the world instantly by using an internet connection. The work at various offices has been drastically reduced with the introduction of […]

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