WhatsApp for PC

How to download WhatsApp for PC

by Priya Batraon July 30, 2014
We all are aware about the most widely used instant messenger WHATSAPP. For communicating with friends and relatives, many of the Android, iOS as well as Windows phone users use this app daily on their tablets or smartphones. It is really hard to message friends from mobile especially when you need to type long messages. […]
Best Instant messenger for Android

Best Instant Messenger for Android

by Priya Batraon July 30, 2014
Now-a-days, there is being no doubt that Android is among the hottest platforms available in the market. At present, Android is accounting about 70% of the whole European mobile market. It was headlined with superfluous flagship handsets and since then it the demand of Android rapidly increased. Whether you have bought a new Android or […]
Jailbreak iPhone

How to jailbreak iPhone?

by Priya Batraon June 8, 2014
Hey friends! Are you aware about jailbreaking an older iDevice? Yes? Then you must owning an iOS device and want to jailbreak it. Jailbreak is particularly a process which allows users to install various unauthorized apps to their iPhone. People are searching out for how to jailbreak iPhone and if you too are looking out […]

Computer to Computer Sharing

How to share files between computers?

by Gurjyot Singhon June 7, 2014
We all would have came across a situation where we would have to transfer files from one computer to another even nearby but we were ended up searching for a pendrive or doing it with our email accounts. There are much faster and easy ways nowadays for this purpose, so no need to play around […]
Root Android

How to Root Android without Computer

by Priya Batraon April 9, 2014
Android phone rooting is a time consuming process and it requires a computer along with the appropriate accessories. Those people who want to root android without computer can now easily root their android without PC. There are numerous advantages of rooting an android phone but not everyone is interested in rooting their phones. Rooting an […]
Sell Old Computers

How to Dispose of Old Computers

by Gurjyot Singhon March 31, 2014
At present the tech waste is becoming a big head ache for the world. This problem is because we don’t know how to dispose of our tech stuff and the biggest part of this tech waste is of old computers and its parts. Computers have a lot of metals and other components in it those […]

How To Root Android

How to Root Android Device

by Anoopon February 19, 2014
Android phones have now been in existence for quite long now and every android user has almost certainly heard of the process called “rooting” in this context.Here is an opportunity for those who are not aware of rooting and for those who have pondered on how it can be done by them – or the […]
Unlock Pattern Lock Android Without Losing Data

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

by Gurjyot Singhon January 24, 2014
Hello everyone, so you have set a pattern lock and now you don’t remember it or your friend has set a pattern lock on your android phone to mischief with you and now he’s not telling you. Now what to do? How to bypass that irritating pattern lock or how to unlock that android pattern […]
Top Photo Editing Apps on Android

Top 10 Free Photo-Editing Android Apps

by Priya Batraon January 6, 2014
Welcome to the world of smartphones impressive cameras and saying good bye to the regular cameras. There are a lot of photo sharing apps available in the market which further allows the users to easily share their edited pictures via social networking sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook etc. We are here for the photography enthusiast […]

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