Windows 10 vs Windows 7: The Ultimate Guide

Earlier this year, Microsoft showed everyone that what we people can expect from Windows 10. But, now with an official launch of Windows 10, we all are little confused, should we upgrade to Windows 10? Some people are asking about what makes Windows 10 differs from Windows 8. The answer to the same, I have already discussed with you all in my previous article, where I came up with a battle between Windows 10 vs Windows 8. Soon after, the same, users who are still stuck with Windows 7, bombarded their queries about Windows 10 vs Windows 7, the basic differences and why we should upgrade. This made me write this article today in to resolve the doubts of you all.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7

Dismiss everything about Windows 10 from your mind, whether its new features or the changes, just for a moment. The biggest keynote is the Price of Windows 10. Let me tell you all the Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users, that for the first year, you all will get a free upgrade of Windows 10 on all your devices. Don’t you think that with a free upgrade, the decision for choosing Windows 10 over Windows 7 or 8 would be easy for you? Yes, of course it will be pretty easy because it is the latest version and Microsoft has managed to bring a lot of changes with its previous Windows versions. Also, it gave hope to all the Windows users to satisfy keyboard, mouse, touch users in a similar way. Come on! Let’s turn our heads over to Windows 10 vs Windows 7.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7- Start Menu vs Start Screen & Continuum

Windows 10 vs Windows 7

Most of the users regretted upgrading to Windows 8, because they were much more comfortable with the Windows 7 features. Perhaps, it might be possible that you are much connected with an app which was just available in Windows 7. No matter what the reason, but Windows 10 will take a major leap for you. Users who are still stuck with Windows 7 will be in less shock by upgrading to Windows 10. You might be forced to interact with the Start Screen on Windows 8 which took over the entire display. But the Start Screen of Windows 10 is similar to that of Windows 7. Though the looks are quite different, but the idea is the same.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7- Live Tiles vs Gadgets

Windows 10 vs Windows 7

Gadgets were actually available in Windows Vista and Windows 7 never introduced them. Anyhow, users can download their favourite gadgets associated with the weather forecast or latest updates. In Windows 7, the gadgets float on the screen’s right side. With Windows 10, the gadgets are dead. Technically, we can say that, gadgets were abrupt with Windows 8 itself, when Live Tiles were introduced by Microsoft. Live Tiles significantly notifies about the latest emails and much more. Users can easily resize them accordingly and stick them directly to the Start Menu.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7- Media Landscape

Since the release of Windows 7, the perfect presentation of the media landscape has shown us the changes in the personal computing. With Windows 7, you might feel relaxed and enjoying television by organizing the music collection, using Windows Media Centre and much more. But, with Windows 10, you will see numerous changes. Microsoft has removed the inbuilt DVD-player, but you can purchase the DVD player app. With Windows 10, we have Xbox Music and Xbox Video because Microsoft get rid of Windows Media Centre and Player. Also, users need not to connect their devices through cable because the apps can sync the media perfectly.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7- Task View vs Alt+Tab

Windows 7 users are habitual with Alt+Tab. Though it is still available in Windows 10, but significant changes have been made for switching and managing the apps. In Windows 10, all the apps which user opens displays right on the screen. Also, it features multiple desktops which help in partitioning your home life from personal life.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7- User Accounts vs Microsoft Accounts

One major change in Windows 10 which will be going to trouble all the Windows users is the User Accounts. But, if you already have a Microsoft Account, then you can simply add the same to your profile.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7- Cortana vs Inbuilt Search

Windows 10 vs Windows 7

The Windows 7 users can easily click on the Start button to open an app and it is the same for Windows 10 as well. But, with Cortana in Windows 10, everything lies in the hands of it, as it is the new personal assistant for Windows. Cortana can be used for searching folders, files and apps. Also, it takes both voice and test commands.

Windows 10 vs Windows 7- Notifications vs Taskbar

The Taskbar on Windows 7 was lacking in every feature, whereas in Windows 10, it features everything. In Windows 10, Cortana lives on the Taskbar itself along with a search bar. Also, it features an Action Center from where the users can quickly access the settings and it even displays all the apps at one place.


Before upgrading to Windows 10, it is quite important for you to check out about your usage habits and decide the best for you. With the release of Windows 8, users played carefully and choose to stick themselves with Windows 7 itself. Well, with Windows 10, Microsoft has finally back in form again, which took the best from Windows 7 & 8 along with few additional features. Windows 7 is still the most stable and reliable Microsoft OS, but the innovations in Windows 10 has impressed us the most. Windows 10 would be a really good taste in your bitter mouth from Windows 8 and easier transition from Windows 7. I don’t think you will be disappointed with Windows 10, so just go for it.