Why does my Phone get hot | Tips to reduce heating in Phone

Your smartphone is getting hot and sometimes extremely hot but, you are out of clue what is causing that overheat. That one question is constantly bother you what Why does my phone get hot? There are many instances when a phone gets heated up either you are gaming too much or calling for long or extreme weather and much more. All of these instances only make your phone get hot and ultimately sluggish. Sometimes the phone even get’s switched off and till it get’s cooled you cannot turn it on again. If you are unable to sort out the issue then I must tell you that there is not just one specific problem for overheat, there can be many. Most of the problems will be covered in this article so read it and try the solutions to minimize overheating.

Why does my phone get hot


Old Software

Old Software is one of the most common reasons for your phones getting hot. When a particular software (in this case either Operating System or an App) get old and doesn’t get updated then it creates issues with other software. Thus your phones start to get heated up due to constant interference of that old software with the working of your phone.

Now what you can do is, update the old software if the old software is causing an issue or remove it totally.

Faulty Software Upgrade

Other reason can be that you installed a software update (either of an App or an Operating System) and it has bugs. When a software company releases new update patches they sometimes release it with bugs and then you have to face the consequences. So if you have recently updated an app or the operating system of your phone then, that might be the issue of overheating.

If you have updated the software and heating occurred then you have to roll back the software update. This way you wan’t have to ask again that why does my phone get hot?

Tip: Before downloading any software update you must read the reviews of people who have downloaded it. If most of the reviews are good then only download that new update.


If you have done overclocking on your phone then there’s a good possibility that your phone is getting hot due to it. If you haven’t done overclocking then this cannot be the reason for your phone to get overheated. Overclocking works well with computers as you have the option to add an extra fan but the same cannot be done with a phone.

Mostly overclocking leads to heating of phone so if you want your phone to be overclocked then you have to bear the heat. Otherwise, undo overclocking and bring your phone back to its normal settings, this most probably solve your problem of overheating.


Water Damage

Just in case if your phone is exposed to water either by an accident or due to rain or due to sweaty pocket. Then there would be some water or moisture in your phone due to which your phone would be getting hot. And you might just be wondering that why does my phone get hot when you are not even doing anything.

The best solution for this is to dry your phone by taking off the back panel and the battery (if removable). You can also try a hair dryer but with caution and from a certain distance as it can also damage your phone.

Faulty Battery

If your phone gets hot as soon as you start using it then probably it’s the issue with the battery. Now if your battery is constantly getting hot or get’s drained quickly then it’s also a sign that your battery is done for. Or if your battery has swollen and it doesn’t sit flat on a flat surface then also your phone’s battery needs to be replaced.

A normal battery has a recharge cycle of 300 to 500 times and after that, it needs to be changed. If your battery’s recharge cycle is over then, it’s good to replace the battery. Now if your phone is under warranty then get it replaced for free or buy a new one. If you have a phone which has a nonreplaceable battery then you have to go to a service center to get it replaced.

Faulty Charger

If your phone works just fine when it is unplugged but as soon as you plug it in it becomes hot then, your charger is malfunctioning. Or if you are using a low powered charger or fast charger to a phone which does not support fast charging. In all the cases you must change the charger you are using and your phone will work perfectly.

There is one more way to pick if your charger is malfunctioning, if your phone get’s hot where the charger connects to the phone. Some companies do not give warranty for the charger but if your does then, get it replaced if it’s under warranty. If your phone is not in warranty period then buy a new charger.

Other Reasons

Intensive Usage and Gaming

Do you play games for hours on your phone or do you use your phone for hours without giving it a rest? Answer these questions and you won’t have to ask why does my phone get hot? Continuously using your phone uses a lot of RAM and CPU works overtime which may cause a delay for some functions to work. The delay and over working results into heat on your phone. Intensive gaming uses a lot of RAM and gives a lot of load on CPU and sometimes also uses mobile data which results in overheating.

In this case, you should try to give your phone some rest and let it be in standby mode for some time. Taking small breaks in between gaming will also keep the heating issue in control and you’ll able to enjoy your game even more.

Over Wi-Fi usage or Mobile Data Usage

The more the usage of internet, the more the chances of getting your phone heated. If your phone is constantly connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or through Mobile Data then it’s going to get heated. The faster the internet speed the faster your battery will drain and the phone will also get heated.

Try to switch off Wi-Fi connection or Mobile data when not in use and try to avoid using the internet all the time. Use it when most needed, this will increase battery life and will also keep the heat in check.


Do you download a lot of files or apps from non-trusted sources? If yes then there is a good chance that you have already got malware on your device which is the main cause of heating. Never download files from unknown sources and similarly never install apps from unknown sources. This will save your phone from unwanted problems.

If you already have virus/malware in your phone then delete/uninstall all the files and apps from unknown sources. If possible then download a good known antivirus and scan your mobile thoroughly with that.

Tips to avoid heating

So your phone does not have any of the problems mentioned above. In that case, you can follow the tips below to reduce heating of your phone. These general methods will always help you reduce phone’e heat and avoid questions like, why does my phone get hot?

Remove Unwanted Apps

Having a lot of apps only seems to be cool but it does not solve any purpose. Instead having many apps will only make your phone slow, sluggish and create heating issues. Even if you do not use all the apps then also they keep running in the background and keep using CPU. Moreover, a lot of apps will only acquire more storage space and nothing else.

Try to remove all the apps you do not use and you’ll definitely see improvement in speed and reduction in heat.

Boost RAM

Whenever you close an app, it doesn’t close properly and keeps running in the background, using RAM. So for that make a habit of cleaning RAM time to time and you can also download CM Cleaner to notify you for this. Apps like CM Cleaner keep a check on RAM and cache and also timely notify you to clean them. Doing such will keep your phone’s CPU and RAM free, thus your phone won’t get heated up.

Hot Weather

Weather is one thing which you cannot control but, you can certainly try to keep your phone away from the hot weather. Running of apps and other stuff already makes phone hot and on the hot weather on top of that will only make it worst. So try to keep your phone away and use it less in heat and direct sunlight. Just in case if you have to use your phone in heat and direct sunlight then, try to make it quick. Avoiding hot weather will certainly make a huge difference in the heating issue of your phone.

Avoid Thick Cases

Using a case is fine as it keeps your phone clean and also maintains it’s resale value. But, you must understand that in a time of high usage your phone emits heat and it needs the place to emit it. If your case it blocking that heat then only your phone will get affected, so try to avoid a thick case. Try to get a case which can save your phone but at the same time, it also allows to radiate heat.

These are the main reasons due to which a phone get’s heated up. If you follow these then you won’t have to ask that question that why does my phone get hot? If this article helped you then tell me in the comment section.  Even if you have any question regarding your phone getting heated then, also ask it in the comment section.