Should I upgrade to Windows 10

You all can now simply take a sigh of relief with the departure of Windows 8. And, now, it’s safe to upgrade to the new Windows. Windows 10 is almost here and its design is more similar to the pre-versions of Windows 8. It is a great chance for those who actually missed out the features and performance in Windows 8/8.1. Believe me, there are a lot of features, which are included in the list. Moreover, it is for free. With Windows 10 Technical Preview, I asked one question to myself, Should I upgrade to Windows 10? You might have asked yourself the same question, as the official Windows 10 is almost knocking on our doors.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10

If you think that you can directly upgrade to Windows 10, then I must tell you that it’s not quite easy because first you need to install Technical Preview. But, obviously, you can enrol yourself in the rolling process for the same. Now, the question arises, how to enrol in for that? You just need to give a click on the new-style Windows logo, which is featured in the Microsoft tray makes you eligible for a free upgrade. The free upgrade program will commence from 29th July. If you haven’t upgraded recently or your PC is not a part of any corporate network, then you will be able to see this icon.

Without any further discussions, here are the reasons which made the perfect answer for my question, “Should I upgrade to Windows 10”.

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Should I upgrade to Windows 10- Reasons to consider


If you have missed an upgrade to Windows 8/8.1, then you have surely missed the best feature, Fast and Quick Startup. And now, we have Windows 10, which features one more step ahead in the speed boost, delivering impressive and powerful performance.

Start Menu

With Windows 8, we have a seen a replacement of the Start Menu with Start screen, but luckily, with Windows 8.1 upgrade, we were allowed to get back to the Start Menu. Now, with Windows 10, Microsoft has finally made a return of its Start Menu, available in tile-based icon. It features ‘Metro’ interface which is quite effective in controlling, but even can be a little tedious for the users who still use the standard keyboards.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10


Don’t you think that talking to your technology is quite enjoyable and nice? If you own Xbox One and experienced a talk with Google Now or Siri, you might know how convenient is to talk with your technology. Also, Cortana is not just about the voice commands, but even helps in keeping track of all your interests and much more. Cortana can easily handle the contextual information as well as standard web searches. This feature will be available even on Windows 10 phones, Android, Xbox One and iOS.

Universal Apps

If you are a Windows 7 user, then I am sure that you don’t have an app store. But, Windows 10 allows us to find different softwares which we often need to complete small-large tasks and helps in running the apps on full-screen. The new Windows also feature more powerful with slicker media and productivity apps.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10

Better and Improved Browser

We have Microsoft Edge, a default Windows 10 browser. It has got improved speed and compatibility along with features like reading mode, web page markup and much more. It even allows the users to customize Microsoft Edge easily and get back home button. It perfectly blends with Cortana as well, delivers powerful performance.


Windows 10 acquires a feature of Secure Boot from its previous Windows version 8, which makes it even more secure. This windows version has been set up on PCs in such a way that it will not be able to bypass this feature. The new security features include Windows Hello, Device Guard and Microsoft Passport.

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The free Windows 10 upgrade is only available for a year. This new Windows version has got numerous system improvements with new features, which clears the doubts of users in opting for the same. Personally, I am really much impressed with Windows 10 and decided to upgrade as well. The upgrade process is really simple, where you need just few clicks and vice versa. Yes, you can downgrade to the previous version as well.Windows 10 has managed to bring pleasant surprise for the users with its familiar, clean and understandable OS including its new handy features. Also, it is free for most of the users.

These reasons made the perfect answer to my question, Should I upgrade to Windows 10. What are your reasons? Why you want to upgrade to Windows 10? Which features impressed you the most? Share your valuable views with us.

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