Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6

We have the Samsung two flagship siblings in the market, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. These smartphones have managed to drop down the jaws of the smartphone users with its metal-made Android which is a redesign plan. They have managed to silence numerous complaints regarding plastic top-shelf Samsung smartphones, which were expensive but didn’t seem to be costly. So, soon Samsung Galaxy S6 gouged against Apple iPhone 6 which is another industry leader. For quite a long time now, Samsung and Apple have been in a tough fight with their amazingly powerful smartphones. This is the reason that people often get confused between the two. But, it is obvious that every two devices have stark differences and here I am with the reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 over its competitors.

Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6

Though Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has managed to attract the users much more than Samsung Galaxy S6, but is the same smartphone with a slight-bent display. So, what to expect from the Samsung’s flagship? Here I will explore the reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 which will inform you everything about this amazing smartphone.

Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6

Killer Display & Design

Samsung Galaxy S6 features 5.1 inch AMOLED display with a pixel density of 577ppi, sharpest available in the market. Samsung directly releases its best product and Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of those with best smartphone display. It has got the solid industrial design which is a perfect combo of a metal with a glass. No doubt, saying that Galaxy S6 is the most powerful and best looking smartphone ever made by Samsung. It has got gorgeously sleek and shiny body.

Brilliant Camera

With Galaxy S6, Samsung has managed to take an interesting route with its camera as it has taken a chance to improve the device’s low-light abilities. With 16 megapixels rear-camera, it manages to boost amazingly in the light capture. Moreover, it features 5 megapixels front-camera with a boosted photo software.

Amazing Viewing Experience

With AMOLED display, Samsung Galaxy S6 strikes out with accurate and vivid colour production. Galaxy S6 is the perfect choice, if the main criterion is the display and viewing experience.

No Bloatware

Buying Galaxy S6 will give you a smooth and uninterrupted experience because Samsung has finally slashed the number of unwanted applications. If you own any other smartphone, you can easily get rid of bloatware.

Amended Sensor

Galaxy S6 features a fingerprint sensor which is now improved and has been made super fast as well as accurate.

Ultimate Power

Galaxy S6 features Exynos 7420 processor with LPDDR4 RAM as well as ultra-fast flash memory UFS 2.0. It is the most powerful smartphone available in the market.

Wireless Charging

No doubt that the feature of wireless charging in the new smartphones, is really a cool as well as convenient. Samsung developed this feature not to only work with one specific charger, but using different charges as well.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a smartphone for serious lookers. It is worth shelling out your current smartphone with Galaxy S6. It has got the delicious metal with glass design and excellent display. It features TouchWiz UI and has got strong processing power.

Personally, I believe that these are the best reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 over its competitors. But, I would love to know what are your reasons for choosing this smartphone over other.

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