Reasons to buy HTC One M9

With One M9, HTC has again placed its most stylish powerhouse in the smartphone market. It is quite an interesting device which has been released in April 2015 and here I am with the best reasons to buy HTC One M9. HTC is one of the most reliable companies when it comes about the smartphones and with the launch of HTC One M9, it will surely make a remark in the market.

Reasons to buy HTC One M9

Superb Unsurpassed Design

It has got the eye-catching design which has a sleek finish, makes it a unique smartphone. With its dual tone colour finishing and different colour looks from different angles makes HTC One M9 a high-end as well as a jewellery-esque smartphone. It is a true all-metal smartphone, which has undergone numerous processes to bring out a wonderful finish. Antecedently, HTC has managed to grab numerous design awards for HTC One M9 predecessors and this year too, it seems that it will be again a true and clear winner.

Splendiferous Camera

It features 20 megapixels rear camera which allow us to capture beautiful images. The front camera of 4 megapixels manages to capture the light-filled pictures and make the selfies clicked with a next level exquisitely. One M9 is the best choice for you, if you want to click a beautiful selfie or want to make a nice picture of your dog. Surely, the Ultrapixels front-camera is really a brave try by HTC.

Reasons to buy HTC One M9

Expandable Memory

We do consume a lot of media in our daily lives, whether it be music or videos, HTC One M9 stores everything on its internal memory. It is one of thos stylish smartphones, which features a MicroSD card slot through which you can easily expand the memory.

Updated Android Version

HTC One M9 ambles on Android Lollipop with a new UI debut, Sense 7. It features all the convenient lineaments including a gallery with cloud services, relevant apps on homescreen and relevant themes. The community themes manages to change the overall look of the smartphone, including the icon styles, shapes, font styles, shapes and the action buttons. Everything based on Android Lollipop makes One M9, a fully-updated smartphone.

Bizarre Good Sound Quality

One M9 features dual front speakers which have got the powerful sound quality. It is a perfect combo with Dolby which makes the experience even more soothing and beautiful. It even manages to provide significant improvement in the sound quality as compared to its predecessors.


HTC One M9 is a really subtle smartphone launched this year as well as the most important upgrade to One M8. Though it is not a bold update as compared to Samsung Galaxy S6, but surely it is a great step-forward by HTC. HTC has managed to bring out all the best features whether hardware or software from One M8 and added a few new ones too.

If you are looking to buy this amazing smartphone this year, then the reasons to buy HTC One M9 which I mentioned in this article is enough to choose this bewildering smartphone.

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