Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information

In order to provide you with best experience on YoGadz and without tempering with your privacy, does not store any personal information of yours (i.e. your name, phone number, address or even email address) without prior information of that to you. And we are trying our best to make your privacy more secure on YoGadz.

Even at some point of time if we ask for your personal details then that will only be to make your experience better on YoGadz. We assure you that your information will have complete privacy and in no case it will be shared.

For any kind of queries you can contact us through contact us page or can send us email on contact[@] and we assure you that the information in that mail will not be shared to anyone or any third party application and will be used by our team just to assist you and to send feedback.

The privacy policy can be changed from time to time in order improve YoGadz. So you should check this page from time to time to get the updates and be sure that you are always happy with the policy.

What we do to the information we collect?

YoGadz always focus on our visitor’s satisfaction, so we collect information to know what exactly our visitors or readers need and according to that we make changes in our information. Your information will also help us to suggest or recommend you some products or services which we think will best suit you either through email or any other suitable means.


In order to make your information secure we take special measures and we assure you that on no cost or in any circumstances your information will never be shared and remain always secure with us.

Do we use cookies?

Yes we use cookies, cookie is a small file which is placed on your computer’s hard disk when you visit the website. But first you have to approve a cookie to be placed in your computer, you can also disagree and cookie will not be stored. Through cookie a website get’s to know some information about you that how often you visit a particular website and what pages you crawl while on that website. Cookie only stores information for one website you visit so every website has it’s own cookies.

You can also ignore cookies either at the time when they pop up to be approved or through browser. Cookies are used just to improve users experience on a particular website and YoGadz also focuses on maintaining a good relationship with its readers. Through cookies we gets to know how to improve YoGadz according to your needs.

There can be cookies on this website which are used by the ads to collect data for the process of ads serving, but you can always remove them as you need to by your browser tools.

For any queries regarding this matter you can always contact us or can mail (contact[@] or info[@] us about the issue.

YoGadz having links pointing to other websites

YoGadz may contain links pointing to other websites, so when you click on those links and leave our website then this policy will not apply anymore to you, as YoGadz have no control over those websites. The information that you’ll share on those websites may or may not be shared depending on their policy. So please read their policy when you visit some other websites.

Third party advertising company’s ads are used on and these companies can use your visit related information, on YoGadz and any other website to provide you with good offers and products and to interest you. But the information they can store will not be your name, your contact number or your email address. That information will just to know what you need and want so that they can customize their ads according to you.

If you think that we are have some wrong information about you then please contact us as soon as possible.


YoGadz Team