How to get the home button back in Edge

The new browser by Microsoft, Edge is neatly designed, streamlined as well as minimalist. It is so artistically designed, that it no longer features a Home Button, but we can easily...

How to customize Microsoft Edge

The new browser from Microsoft, Edge has been given a nickname “Spartan”, but if we talk about its features, it is really pretty. At this moment, though we really don’t have...

How to buy and install Microsoft Office for Windows 8

Maybe the Microsoft’s main product i.e. Windows is not famous enough as compared to this software of Microsoft. From primary school students to top delicates to a company use Microsoft Office...

Nokia releases teaser picture of a phablet, tablet and a laptop

  Nokia has released a teaser image of about the upcoming Nokia Event in Abu Dhabi on 22nd October. The details are not yet revealed at large but as you all know...

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