Top 10 Instagram Tips and Tricks you should know

A notorious free photo-sharing app, Instagram has been designed by Kevin Systrom and Mlke Krleger. This app has been eventually come out as one of the widely used social networking magnets which have more than 80 million daily active users. This app has managed to quickly get through a simple mobile app to a widely popular social network. Instagram is an app which allows pros as well as the newbies to capture the Polaroid-like pictures. It even allows us to create amazing images and posting publicly. But, the truth is that it is not only a single photo-sharing app. In fact, it has much more to offer. Today I am here with the best Instagram tips and tricks which will actually change the way people look at this infamous social-sharing app. These Instagram tips and tricks will definitely take your experience of using this app to a next level.

Instagram Tips and Tricks

Instagram has proved to be a great app for the business owners looking for their potential customers. but it is important to know how to use Instagram for more success and gaining more clients. Instagram is a free application used among people for sharing their pictures. How often you use this app? Personally, I use Instagram daily for uploading pictures. This app allows people to click pictures and record videos similarly like on Twitter or Facebook. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. I already told you that here I will be sharing the Instagram tips and tricks which will help you in mastering over the app.

How to Get Started with Instagram

You need to download the Instagram app from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. You can even have this app on your Windows phones as well. After successful installation of the app, just launch it.

You need to Sign Up using your email ID or you can use your Facebook Account as well. After creating the account, you can use it from any device other than your smartphone, including your computer or tablet.

You can even use the web version for signing up with Instagram. But, you cannot upload any photos using web version.

Now, there are few things to get started with Instagram.

Adding Profile Picture

Browse the picture on your smartphone as your Instagram profile picture. You need to tap on the blank circle in order to select the existing photo to take a new one. You can use your personal photo for your personal account or you can use the business logo if you are running the account on behalf of a business.

Update the Profile

YES. You can update your Instagram profile using the Edit option and decide how you want your profile to look like. You can change the name; display the website URL with a bio. Instagram Bio will help you getting more followers and you will get your potential visitors. You can even link your Instagram account with Twitter and Facebook while updating your profile.

Finding People

So, you have created your Instagram account and updated your profile. The next thing is to find friends to follow them. To connect with your friends on Instagram, you can choose Settings>>Options>>Find Friends>>Follow. This option will allow you to find your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Uploading the first Photo or Video

To upload the photo or video on Instagram, you need to click on the Camera icon. You can click a new picture or record a video or select one from the gallery. After selecting the image or video to upload, then you can apply the filters and adjust the photo. Hit Next for next step to add a caption, hashtags, tags and location followed by Share to publish it.

Instagram Tips and Tricks

Save Original Photos

Instagram is no exception when it is about compressing the files for less data usage like other social-sharing apps. When you upload a picture on Instagram, it compresses it to 612 x 612 pixels. But if you don’t want to lose your original version of the picture with high resolution, then you can save the original image to have it accessed in future. YES. Amazing it is. Go to Settings>>Active Save Original Photos. This option will help you in saving the unedited version of your image to your camera roll in the gallery. The maximum resolution Instagram can keep is 2048 x 2048 pixels, regardless of your phone’s camera capabilities.

Image Filters

It has been discovered that the pictures posted on Instagram using the filters get more likes than the original pictures. And yes, a picture with a #nofilter hashtag gets more likes. I would suggest you using the exposure effect and warm filter which will get you more comments and views on your picture.

Adding Hashtags

Yes, you can add hashtags just like you add on Facebook pictures or posts. Instagram does allow editing the post, so if you forget to add the hashtags, you can go back. And the best thing is that if you don’t want to edit the post, then you can add hashtags in the comment section which works the same.

Manage the Photo Map

Managing the Photo Map on Instagram is Geotagging which is allowing the followers to exactly know the place where you clicked the picture. This option is valuable for those people who want to sort their several pictures. So, to tag the picture with a place, you have to Turn on the Photo Map while sharing the picture. After the option gets enabled, the Photo Map will show all the pictures sorted with the places they are taken from where you can edit or remove the information as well.

Mention other Instagrammers

YES. You can mention the names of other Instagrammers in your post by typing @ followed by the name. Or you can even mention their name in a comment by pressing hold the username. If you will tag the person then their usernames will be clickable as well as allow you reply to the user’s comment directly.

Sending Private Instagram Picture

When you create an Instagram account, all the pictures you post are visible publicly. But, if you want to share your private picture with one of your friends, then you can use the feature, Instagram Direct. You can find this option on the main screen at the upper-right corner.

Creating a Poster

With time, there are a number of services coming up for making your memories permanent. It has been said that Instagram has a great way of creating dreamy camera-phone images. And yes, you can easily capture all the Instagram pictures printed as posters, greeting cards, wearable arts, magnets or photo books.

Multiple Accounts

Since February 2016, the feature of using multiple Instagram accounts on one device has been introduced. YES. You can manage 5 accounts from one device. For adding another account, you need to go to Settings>>Add Account>>Fill the Details>>Login. And for switching between the multiple accounts, you need to go to the Profile Page>>Instagram username>>Select the account from the pull-down menu.

Adding Border to the Pictures

I bet most of you people don’t know about this Instagram feature. So, in order to add a border to the pictures, first, upload it, apply the filter and then again tap on the filter where you can see an option to add a border. This option is only available for the pictures with filters.

Create Looping or Time-Lapse Videos

When you add a new video to your Instagram account, two icons can be seen on the right side. Those two options are the rounded square icon and an infinite loop icon. The infinite loop icon takes you to the Boomerang App which allows us to click burst of pictures in 20 frames. Then those pictures can be combined together in a creative video and posted on Instagram. And the rounded square icon takes you to the Layout App which allows us to create picture collage where you can resizing the boxes or reposition the pictures.

Aren’t these really cool Instagram tips and tricks?

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, these Instagram tips and tricks are really useful. They are worth it. If you are aware of any more Instagram tips and tricks, then please do share with us in the comments down below.