How to Unroot Android

How to Unroot Android

It is so much fun to root an Android device, rooting gives you a lot of flexibility which is not there in stock Android from company. But it also voids your warranty and if you need that warranty back then you need to unroot Android device. Now if you know how to unroot your device then it’s good but if you don’t know then it can be an headache. So to release your tension we have prepared a simple and easy tutorial through which you can unroot your device without any fuzz.

Note: While tempering with your stock Android there is always a possibility that your phone will end up nothing more than a paper weight. So follow all the steps of the tutorial carefully and we’ll not be liable for any loss to your property.

There are two ways to unroot your Android. Either you can unroot your Android without using computer or you can unroot Android using computer.

Before you start, make sure that you take a complete backup of your files and your device should be charged above then 50%. Now without wasting time let’s start with the tutorial “How to Unroot Android”.

How to Unroot Android Without Computer

OTA Rootkeeper, Super SU, Superuser

Without computer you can unroot your Android using two different apps (OTA Rootkeeper and SuperSU), we’ll tell you how to do it from both the apps.

First through OTA Rootkeeper

  1. Install OTA Rootkeeper from play store (its free).
  2. Open the application
  3. Click the button saying “Temp.un-root (keeps backup)

By doing this your Android will be temporarily unrooted, so if your required work is done and you wish again to root the device then you just have to click “Restore Root” and everything will be reversed. If you want to make your unroot more permanent then click on “Delete su backup” and it’s all done.

Secondly through SuperSU

  1. Install SuperSU from play store (its free).
  2. Open the application
  3. Go to setting of SuperSU and click “Full unroot”.
  4. Confirm to unroot (SuperSU will automatically shut down after this).
  5. Restart your device and uninstall SuperSU

Now your Android device is back to company’s Android (or you can say its unrooted).

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How to Unroot Android using Computer

This tutorial is made for the computers running Microsoft Windows (Windows XP/Vista/7/8). As said before, make a complete backup of your files as in this case your phone’s memory will be completely washed off.

Now before we start with the tutorial you’ll need two files to be downloaded, first is Odin (install it in your computer) and other is your Stock ROM (search it and download the files). If you have these two then you can start with the steps.

  1. Connect your device to your computer
  2. Restart the phone and go to “Download Mode” (press and hold Volume down and Power button to go to Download Mode).
  3. When display shows something then click Volume Up button
  4. Now in your computer, right click on Odin.exe and select “Run as Administrator”.
  5. Now a yellow box should show up and if it doesn’t then please ensure that the USB port or the cable is correct.
  6. Now click on PDA
  7. Search for the Stock firmware (device specific) that you downloaded before.
  8. Click on start (it’s time to pray that everything goes good).
  9. If it goes good then a green Pass will be shown which means your device is unrooted.

If your device is stuck in between

  1. First thing is, not to panic
  2. Restart your device and go to recovery mode (press and hold volume up button at the time of booting).
  3. Through volume down button go down to “Wipe Cache Partition”
  4. Now click Power button
  5. Now Factory Reset your device and hit Power button.
  6. It’s time to reboot and the device is unrooted.

In between if your device got bricked then go through the tutorial “How to Unbrick your Android”.


Playing with your Android device is good but when you play with the firmware in it then that can be risky. We would recommend you that root and unroot your device too often even if you are expert in the procedure. One small file or an error in the procedure can lead your Android to be bricked. Last thing is please make a complete backup of your data before you attempt any firmware changes so that even if something went wrong, you won’t lose anything.

Please tell if the tutorial helped you through comments. Share us your experience about the tutorial “How to Unroot Android”. If you have any question then we would love to answer that, ask your questions in the comment section below.