How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

So you have set a pattern lock, and now you don’t remember that or your friend has set a pattern lock on your android phone to mischief with you and he isn’t telling you. Now! what to do? How to bypass that irritating pattern lock or how to unlock that android pattern lock without factory reset? Will you lose all your data, while removing that pattern lock?

In this tutorial I will help you with bypassing this pattern lock and that too without losing a bit of data in the process. Friends, pattern locks are given medium security level in many devices as they are useful in providing protection to your personal data from getting misused. However, if we accidentally forgot the pattern then it can be frustrating and we try up ending a whole lot of pattern locks but still couldn’t figure that out.

How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

Just don’t panic as there is a way to easily bypass your android pattern lock and we are going to discuss it in this article and following this tutorial you can unlock your phone in no time. And all your data will be back in your hands.

This tutorial involves method with USB Debugging to be enabled before, but if you haven’t done so, then I would suggest you to go with these other tutorials.

  1. How to unlock pattern lock without USB Debugging
  2. How to unlock pattern lock by resetting your phone

If you want to stick with this tutorial, then also try to unlock your phone by tapping the forgot pattern option and then do as the instructions says. This process is related to the GMAIL ID that has been set while activating the pattern lock. If you are able to unlock your phone with this method then you can enjoy your phone and leave the rest of the article. But if problem still exists then go on reading and I’ll help you in unlocking the pattern lock.

Basic Steps To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

  1. The first step it that you must have ADB drivers installed on your laptop or your PC.
  2. The second demands that USB debugging should be enabled on your device before you go ahead with the process.
  3. While installing your device compatible drivers you should be very careful. As this procedure will not be helpful if you doesn’t have your phone’s specific and compatible drivers.

I know that getting stuck at the lock screen and trying again and again would be very frustrating for you all and many users even get panic due to this, but here you don’t have to panic at all. I promise that as you’ll end up performing this process you’ll unlock the pattern lock and will have complete access over your android phone.

How To Unlock Android Pattern Lock Without Losing Data

As you are done with the above steps now follow this tutorial and unlock your pattern lock and that too without losing your data. Although I know that you’ll be thinking, it isn’t going to be so easy but on the contrary, it is easy.

  • Connect your Android handset to your PC via a USB cable.
  • Now open that folder in which you have installed the ADB driver.

Open Command Window

  • After this you need to right click on a free space along with holding the shift button on your PC and then select “OPEN COMMAND WINDOW”.

Command Window

  • You’ll notice that a “COMMAND WINDOW” popped up, now what you need to do is, type the following text in that “COMMAND WINDOW”.
adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
  • Once you are done with this, then give yourself some compliment as you are done with the tricky part and whatever you are left with is to reboot your device.
  • It’s all done now and your will get a pattern lock free Android phone in your hand.

Now you’re free form that pattern lock that you forgot or your friend has placed on your mobile and has not told you, so call him so visit him and use your phone in front of him and see the expressions on his face. Maybe those expressions will be enough to forget all what you have done to unlock the pattern lock.

Now you even know how to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset so if you again got into such a problem then you know what to do.


I know that after this incident of pattern lock you’ll think twice before putting pattern lock to your phone but I would suggest you not to think too much about it. Problem like this always exist in TECH world and I’ll try my best to come up with some decent solutions.

If this tutorial helped you then please share your experience with me as your comments give me motivation to work even more.

For any more assistance needed on this method, you can tell me by leaving the comments below and I’ll try to do everything to assist you. Or you can contact me through the Contact Us page in menu.


    • Yes you can do that as well, just make sure that the copied code should be pasted exactly the same. If there is even a little change then that can create a problem.
      And don’t worry about the programming, we all were inexperienced at a point of time.
      If you have any other query, we would be happy to solve that.

  1. By pressing those 3 buttons you’ll enter in booting window, you do not need to go through that if you want to save your data. If you are fine by loosing your data then you can reset your phone through booting window and it won’t even need you to connect your phone to PC.

  2. Hi Gurjyot, I have forgotten my S4 mini lock pattern and I am trying to apply your method. One thing is there, USB debugging option is not enabled on my phone, which is a must. So is there a way through which it could be enabled.?
    Pl. Help.

    Thanks and Appreciate the post.

    • Hello Parag, the simplest method would be recalling the pin which you have given at the time of setting your pattern lock. Another method would be, making 5 or more wrong unlocking attempts and then trying to click on option for forgot password. Then your phone will ask your Gmail ID and password, once you are done with that click on Sign in and your pattern lock will be bypassed. Last option is give in the above tutorial.
      If you need more specific help then it would be better that you use our forum for that. We can assist you better there.

  3. where to download this adb thing and where to and how to install it .. i tried some sdlk thing but its downloading some packages instead of installing in c drive of pc

    • Hello Nitish
      Thanks for reporting the missing link. We have updated the tutorial with a link for ADB Drivers, please check again. You are right, the file you would download from the link is actually an installer of ADB, so after the installer is downloaded then it’ll donwload different files which are needed. The complete download is big so please be patient, once the drivers are downloaded and installed then everything goes straight and simple.