How to transfer text messages from iPhone to Computer or Mac

The text messages are subsequently taking over emails and phone calls. Especially, when it is about the text messages on iPhone, the most important form of communication with family, friends, relatives and coworkers. Maybe someone has sent to any abhorrent text which you need to save for future legal purposes or you just want to have a backup of all the text messages. In my previous post, I came up with methods to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac and today, I am here with methods on how to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer.

Often, something bad happens with the data stored on our iPhone. It becomes necessary to transfer text messages have a backup. What if you lost your iPhone or the message box is filled? Some of the messages might remind you about your memories and you might not feel felicitous to delete them right away. This is the time when you can choose to transfer text messages to computer.

How to transfer text messages from iPhone to Computer

How to transfer text messages from iPhone to Computer

Using iOS Transfer

  • Launch iOS Transfer and connect iPhone to PC
  • After successful detection of your device, you can browse the media stored on your iPhone
  • Select the option SMS followed by important messages and click on Export to
  • You may select export selected SMS or export all SMS
  • Confirm the location followed by the file format

It will transfer all the selected text messages from iPhone to computer in just few minutes. After finishing the process, click on OK. This tool even helps in transferring other media files from iPhone to PC quickly.

Using AnyTrans

AnyTrans is an all-in-one transferring tool which allows managing your iPhone easily. It helps in transferring everything, including text messages, music, photos and much more from iPhone to computer.

How to transfer text messages from iPhone to Computer

  • Connect iPhone using USB cable to the computer and launch AnyTrans
  • Click on option Message, which will open the Message Manage Page
  • Now, preview the text messages and select those which you want to transfer
  • Tap on a computer icon available at upper right corner

This tool helps in transferring all the files easily between the Apple devices.

Using iExplorer

iExplorer significantly helps in accessing as well as transferring and saving the text messages from iPhone to computer easily. It helps in loading, reading as well as exporting the text messages which are saved on iPhone or in backup of iTunes. Do you that now you can easily sync iTunes with your Android smartphone too? Yes, I am poking at the right news. But, coming back to our brief tutorial on how to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer, lets move forward with the same.

How to transfer text messages from iPhone to Computer

If you want to access the text messages on your iPhone, then you need to connect your iPhone to computer using USB cable followed by open iExplorer.

  • Device Overview>>Data>>Messages or Backups>>Messages

While taking backup of the text messages on iPhone using iTunes, all the text messages get saved in a deep semi-encrypted databases. iExplorer significantly helps in lifting those saved messages up and make them available to read from you as well as export them to your computer.

For accessing the text messages from iTunes backup,

  • Open iExplorer>>Explore Backups>>Browse iTunes Backups>>Messages

On following any of the above steps, iExplorer will load the database of the text messages on iPhone. You can even select a particular conversation followed by a format in which you want to export them.

Moreover, it even allows you to filter images along with vCards, videos, and other attachments.


For a very long time now, the iPhone has been the most favourite smartphone among users. Though iOS has got everything inbuilt which every smartphone user needs, but it does lack in one most important feature, backup of text messages. Yes, iTunes do help in to backup the data on your iPhone, but it doesn’t allow to read the same. So, to solve this iPhone issue, I have shared few methods on how to transfer text messages from iPhone to computer quickly and easily.

If any of your doubts still haven’t been addressed here, then leave your comments below. If you are aware about any other method for the same, then let us know.

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