How to save Google Maps for offline use

How to save Google Maps for offline use

Being a smartphone user, you all must be aware about using Google Maps which is significantly helps in putting the best amount of suitable information on the users fingertips but it is only possible to use the same only if you have an Internet connection. It helps in step-by-step navigation while searching the particular place or location along with various other advanced features which do require the device to be online. But do you know how to save Google Maps for offline use? Though this is not a feature-complete situation but using Google Maps offline can get you the best utility out of the same without an internet connection.

Google Maps had an advantageous featuring up lately which the Android and iOS users could use to save locations of the map for its offline usage. Zoom in the location you like to access even without connecting via Internet connection; choose the offline option from the menu button.

How to save Google Maps for offline use

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How to save Google Maps for offline use- Steps to be followed

Using Google Maps is quite easy as well as handy and saving the same is pretty simple too. For starting the same, you need to move to the particular location which you need to save for offline use and then click on the Search Bar which is available on the top of the app and navigate to the bottom to save the map for offline use. If you have specifically searched for the location, then you need to click on the menu button in order to save the map for offline use. Whatever be the case, it will take you back to the previous area with a new interface.

You need to move around the app in order to select the particular area which you need to save in for offline use and this app will just save in everything which is only in the view and nothing more than that. You will even going to experience that you will be only allowed to save a limited area. Once you have managed to find the particular area, click on save for offline use.

You need to swipe the display of your smartphone from left and navigate to your places in order to manage your offline maps easily. After that you need to scroll down as well as click on view all and manage under the offline maps section. In this particular section, you will be able to see all the save offline maps with their size and expiry dates.

How to save Google Maps for offline use

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How to save Google Maps for offline use in new Google application- Steps to be followed

The process considerably changed by the latest updation of the Google maps 7. The users may have noticed that there is no such practicality any longer who has already updated the new version of the Google Maps. Google has altered the accessibility of the maps available offline. It is not as automatic as before and if you do not apperceive what to do, you apparently never guess it out on your own as it is vague how it is done via Google Maps application.

The users now have to accept to access OK Maps into the search without clicking on the menu list to save a map for offline viewing. It is beside unrealistic to know how it is done unless you accept apprehend the official advertisement over at the Google Blog or have some other person tell you regarding it.

How to save Google Maps for offline use

As shortly as you start typing in the O of the command the search box will mechanically leap to the suggestions screen. This adds to the further confusion and as well you are not sure that the command will work due to this.

The other thing that is not at its best is that when you will type OK Maps and seek for the search you will notice that you will be directed back to the maps display. Within the search box, you will see the pre-loading maps and the advance loading percent too.

This notifies the users that being offline they can access to the views of the map pre-loaded to the device while you were using the Google Maps app.

The users have no other option to clear offline data other than the cache directory that the users find under Android/data/ from where it can be deleted.

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Things which you need to know about Google Offline Maps

After you will save the maps for offline use, this app will work same as in normal use too with a data internet connection. The only change which you will experience will be when your phone will be out of data connection and you tend to use the app.

How to save Google Maps for offline use

The maps which you will save for offline use will be automatically deleted after 30 days from the device. And if you want to have offline navigation, then you need to consider other mapping apps.

Without data internet connection, you won’t be able to search or go with step-by-step navigation. So, you need to navigate manually as well as use the old school way for the same.


The Google Maps application has a little mystery about how to save Google Maps for offline use or download and use them. The whole method is quite simple as well as easy because you just need to search in the place and save the map for offline use. People usually don’t get data service at every place and thus they sometimes require to use the offline maps which can help without having data connection. Though the app is much annoying as it will be asking you always to zoom in every time when you view the maps offline. It is to hold people from utilizing maps offline so that they are online all the time. But you can try if you want to.

So, this is all about how to save Google Maps for offline use and how these are helpful when we don’t have the data connection available. If you have any queries associated with the same, kindly get in touch with us.