How to Root Android without Computer

How to Root Android Without Computer

Android phone rooting is a time consuming process and it requires a computer along with the appropriate accessories. Those people who want to root android without computer can now easily root their android without PC. There are numerous advantages of rooting an android phone but not everyone is interested in rooting their phones. Rooting an android helps in removing several restrictions and allows the users to enjoy the full access of their device. Users can enjoy numerous amazing things like increase in the performance of their android device by just picking off some beautiful things on it as well as the ability to install the custom ROM via latest firmware update.

Note: – Anything happens to the android device during rooting, forget about the warranty card.

Android users can even unroot their devices very easily with just few clicks. So, coming back to the tutorial of how to root android without computer is instructed as well as developed by Alephzain, a developer from XDA forums. You will be able to root android without computer by using Framaroot app. It’s a one click application which helps in root android without PC. It is one of the fastest methods of rooting an android device.

Once you will able to download and install Framaroot app on your Android, then it will automatically install the Su binary as well as Superuser on your device along with it uses six major as well as six safe exploits which helps in completion of the rooting process that includes Sam, Boromir, Gimli, Aragorn, Frodo and Gandalf.

Note: – using Framaroot app, rooting is only possible from devices running on Android 2.9 to Android 4.2

How to Root Android without Computer

1.   All you need is, to download the Framaroot app on your PC or you can even download it directly to the Android device you own.

2.   Once the download is finish on your PC, you can simply copy the Framaroot apk file to your android device memory or if you have downloaded it directly on your android device then simply skip the step and head over with the next step.

3.   Now, you just need to turn over to the folder where you copied or downloaded the apk file. Click on Install.

4.   Open the app and you need to select the option of “Install Superuser”.

5.   Now exploits will appear, you need to select any out of them. Just wait till the process completes.

6.   A message will pop up as “Success. Superuser and su binary installed”. You have to reboot your device”, if the process of rooting is done successfully.

7.   A message will pop up as “Failed. Try another exploit if available”, if the process of rooting gets failed.

This is all you have to do in order to root android without computer. You have successfully rooted your android without  computer and this method with same app is reversible as well (unrooting).


Rooting or not rooting is purely your choice but one thing is for sure that rooting will help you get rid of all the restrictions and will help you in modifying some crucial file systems in your android. Furthermore, it will help in blocking ads, using firewall, removing or freezing bloatware and many more such things.

Hope you liked the tutorial, if your root your phone using this tutorial then please share your views with us, we would like to know your experiences and if you overcome any problem regarding rooting your android then you can put up your query in the comment section below.