How to remove PDF password

So, I hope you all are clear with my previous tutorial on how to remove Word Document password but still if you have any issues regarding the same, you can contact me anytime. Moving forward with the same category i.e. removing passwords but this time it is about how to remove PDF password. You might have saved a PDF file which contains confidential information with a long and secure password which does only allow the intended party to open the same. But what if you don’t want to enter that password again and again or what if you forget the same password? Or what if you wish to remove that password from the saved copy forever? Even in our daily lives too, we do sometimes receive PDF files which restricts and limits our work wherein we even can’t edit or copy or print the content because that is the encrypted file.

How to remove PDF Password

Before moving with the tutorial, I do hope that you all are aware what actually a PDF is? And if not, then let me tell you a bit about the same. PDF is an important file format which is being used universally by the people as it can be easily opened using various other programs or formats. For opening a PDF file, you need not to download any special software which makes it unique file for sending and receiving information easily. Some people even password-restrict the PDF files containing confidential information. In the situations where we are restricted to even modify or print the encrypted PDF file, the best way to solve the problem is to remove the password of the same. But do you have any idea about how to remove PDF password easily and effectively?

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Method I

How to remove PDF Password by opening the document

How to remove PDF password

  • Firstly, you need to open the PDF file by entering the password for the same. Use Adobe Acrobat to open the document.
  • Click on the Secure button with a padlock icon and choose Remove Security, which will simply decrypt the document forever. If while creating the encrypted PDF file, you have mentioned Permissions Password, then it’s time to enter the same in order to complete the whole process successfully.
  • You can even change the encryption settings. You need to click on Secure button >> Permission Detail >> Document Properties >> Security >> Certificate Security >> Change Settings, which will easily unsecure the whole document.
  • You need to select the level of the encryption but this time you need a Digital ID. You can use a new one or the existing one as well.
  • Click on Finish >> OK for saving the settings
  • Save the document in order to implement all the changes made.

Method II

How to remove PDF Password using PDF XChange Viewer

This method is the simplest of all the methods but only if you know the password of the PDF file.

  • Open the file and enter the password
  • Click on File >> Document Properties >> Security
  • Select No Security under Password Security tab
  • Save the file and it’s done.

Method III

How to remove PDF Password using Google Chrome

  • Drag the password-protected PDF to Google Chrome and open the same by entering the password
  • Click open the file
  • Click on Google Chrome’s File menu>> Print >> Destination Printer (Save As PDF) >> Save

The decrypted PDF file will be automatically saved on the desktop of your PC. Now, while opening the PDF file it will not ask you to enter the password.

Method IV

How to remove PDF Password using AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover

AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover is the best recommended premium tool which is available for free. It does helps in removing the encryption form PDF files easily including the basic restrictions like editing or printing or copying the content.

How to remove PDF password

Steps to be followed for removing password of more than One File

  • Download and install the tool, click open the same
  • Click on the option Add Files for removing the restriction (Remember that at once you are allowed to add up maximum 200 PDF files for processing).
  • After adding all the files from which you want to remove the password, click on Start button.
  • The process of removing passwords will start but it will take little time.

Steps to be followed for removing password from a single PDF file

Using AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover, you can easily remove password from a single PDF file as well and that too directly. You just need to right click on the encrypted PDF File and choose the option Decrypt with AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover. The process will start automatically.

Please Note: This free premium tool only helps in removing protections from encrypted PDF files. However, it does not helps in recovering the user passwords.

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A secure PDF file or a Word Document imposes restrictions as well as the laws in order to prevent the distribution of the confidential information to other users. Only the creator or the owner of the file can restrict the access with an encryption. But if you don’t have the permission to use the same, then I have briefly mentioned everything about how to remove PDF password easily and effectively in this tutorial.

If you are having any doubts about any of the methods mentioned above or if you are aware about any other useful and effective methods, then you can simply contact us by leaving your comments below.