How to remove password from Word Document

Word Document is the most popular document creator and editor among all of us. It not only helps in creating and editing the documents but even allow us to setup passwords for the same in order to prevent them from prying eyes. Before moving with a tutorial about how to remove password from Word Document, it is really important to have a prior knowledge about encryption of word document. Encryption-Decryption both are equally important for people who works in offices. Encryption is really important as it helps in protecting the important data securely and would not allow anyone to have an access to the same. Password protection is not only restricted to documents but even we can easily password protect our dropbox folders as well as folders on Google drive or iCloud. Come On! Now, let’s turn our heads over to the methods for removing password from Word Document easily.

How to remove password from Word Document

Method I

How to remove password from Word Document by Changing settings

If you remember the password of the Word Document, then you can easily reset and remove the same as well.

  1. Open the Word Document by typing in the password
  2. You need to reset the password again.

Different versions have different methods of resetting/removing the passwords.

# MS-WORD 2003

Click on File>>Save As>>Tools>>Security Options>>Password to Open/Modify (blank)>>OK>>Type the name of document>>Save

# MS-WORD 2007

Click on the Circle icon>>Prepare>>Encrypt Word File>>Set the password (blank)>>OK

# MS-WORD 2010

The method for resetting/removing password in Word 2010 is similar to that of Word 2003.

Click on File>>Save As>>Tools>>General Options>>Password to Open/Modify (blank)>>OK>>Name of the document>>Save

# MS-WORD 2013

Click Info-Protect Document>>Encrypt Document>>Remove Password>>OK

You guys might be thinking that why I did mentioned the method for only four versions of MS-WORD whereas there are even more available. It is because these are widely used by people now-a-days and even we people not keep ourselves but our devices including PCs or laptops along with applications and softwares updated with time. Microsoft not only included the feature to password protect the documents or folders but even it allow us to password protect the Windows as well. But I have already shared an amazing tutorial for removing the Windows password easily.

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Method II

How to remove password from Word Document using Word Password Remover

There is a possibility that we might forget the password of the Word Document we created, and then we have an option to use Word Password Remover for the same. It is simple, easy and effective method which guarantees to safely remove the password. MS-Word provides a free recovery wizard utility tool to its users for recovering forgotten password easily.

How to remove password from Word Document

  • Install and run the free Word Remover utility tool
  • Open the password protected Word file
  • Click on Remove Password and close the dialogue box

Now, your document will be available without password.

Apart from password protecting documents in MS-Word or folders in Dropbox or Google Drive, people even do password protects the memory card of their smartphone. But what if we need to change our phone and use the same memory, eventually forgot the password of the same?

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So, guys for the both methods which I mentioned above you need to remember the password of the document for resetting or removing the same because you need to open the encrypted file first. But what will you do if you forget the password?

Method III

How to remove password from Word Document if forgotten

  1. You just need to rename the file with extension from .docx to .zip
  2. Click open the .zip file in Windows Explorer>>Word Folder
  3. Find settings.xml and delete the same
  4. Close the window and rename the file from .zip to .docx

It’s easily and securely done. Now, you can open your previous password protected word document easily without a password.


Sometimes, we do really get irritate when it comes to editing the document again and again wherein MS-Word prompts a window to type the password always. This is the time when we do think of removing the password of the Word Document permanently so that next time it does not prompt for the same. So, this is all about how to remove password from Word Document easily and securely without putting in any hard efforts.

If you are aware about any other methods for the same or having any doubts or suggestions, then do let me know in the comment section below.