How to remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk

Bad Sectors on hard disk are simply the result of extended use or physical abuse or because of excessive heat. Do you know that even new hard disks too can have bad sectors? The Check Disk Utility feature available on Windows 7 automatically searches the bad sectors and repairs the same as well. Moreover, this utility tool is even helpful in partitioning the hard drive on Windows 7. It simply helps in bypassing all the bad sectors on hard disk so that the system remains unaffected and at the same time, it even patches up the data available on the particular drive to a safe and secure area available on the hard disk. Do you have any idea about how to remove bad sectors from hard disk? If No, then head forward with me through this article today which will give you every bit of knowledge about the same.

How to remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk

If you do have a little idea about easily removing bad sectors from hard disk, then you might even know that the whole repairing process needn’t any software except the default repairing options provided by Windows itself. Recently, I got through many forums where numerous people have asked that “Is it really possible to remove bad sectors from hard disk?” or “How to remove bad sectors form hard disk?” Yes, you can easily remove bad sectors from hard disk but only if the bad sectors of the hard disk are sustainably arose from the daily normal use. Normal use actually means that there is no physical abuse with the device or your computer is even not subjected to any damaging forces. But firstly, it is quite better to have a little knowledge about what bad sectors actually are?

Bad Sectors- What they are?

Sectors on hard disk which are damaged physically as well as the operating system can’t even access them, known as the bad sectors. Many people keep on asking that which kind of bad sectors are reparable. You might not know but there are two types if bad sectors in hard disk, i.e. Physical bad sectors and Logical bad sectors. The physical bad sectors cannot be repaired but the data can be restored from the same by following few special methods. The logical bad sectors can be easily repaired and the data can also be recovered easily using different utility software as well as OS commands.

How to remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk

Bad Sectors are bound to happen on those hard disks which run heavy applications or too many activities on daily basis. Mostly the bad sectors on hard disk are physical which are no longer to be repaired but you can save the data using utility apps or softwares. Before repairing or removing bad sectors from hard disk, it is quite important to check that the bad sector of the hard disk is affected or not. You can check the same using a Minitool Partition Wizard which is a windows software used for creating, cutting, wiping as well as checking the hard disk of the computer with bad sectors.

Checking Bad Sector on Hard Disk- Steps to be followed

  • Download and install Minitool Partition Wizard
  • Once installed successfully, it can be used directly
  • Click open the wizard, right-click on the hard disk and select Surface Test followed by a new windows asking to click on Start
  • After clicking on Start, automatic scans will run displaying the sectors changing colors. Green color sectors or blocks are good and safe while Red color sectors or blocks are damaged and bad sectors which need to be fixed immediately.

How to remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk

Do you know that we have several ways for repairing and removing the bad sectors from hard disk? Yes, you can download different utility softwares for recovering the data from your hard disk easily. You can even easily recover or remove the bad sectors from hard disk using the OS commands as well.

How to remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk using OS commands

The process of repairing or removing the bad sectors from hard disk using OS commands is really an easy one. All you need is to follow few simple steps which are mentioned below:

  • Before beginning with the process, you need to close all the programs which are running in the operating system of your PC or laptop
  • Now, select the drive from which you need to remove or repair the bad sector and right click on the same
  • Navigate to its Properties>>Tools, where you can see 3 different options from which you need to choose Check Now which is available under Error Checking

A new window will pop up asking to check two boxes followed by Start button. Now, the OS will start checking the errors automatically on the hard disk and after locating the same, it will even repair them. In order to do the same, you need to check on “Scan for and attempt recovery for bad sectors” option followed by Start button.

This process might take a little time for repairing or removing the bad sectors from hard disk as it depends on the memory size of RAM as well as the space on hard disk. You need to be little patient while going through the process. Once after it repairs or removes the bad sectors, you can simply resume working on your system. I would like you to recommend starting the system after removing bad sectors from hard disk.

What to do to avoid the bad sectors

Bad sectors are result of significantly anything like light fluctuation or power failure or low voltage. So, it would be great to have a power backup supply system ready like UPS for such situations. You can easily avoid having bad sectors on your hard disk even by carrying out the process of disk fragmentation on regular basis.

My Personal Suggestions to avoid having Bad Sectors

  • While your system is running, you need not to unplug or switch off the power supply.
  • Before unplugging your system, you need to ensure that you shut down the system properly. This will help in reducing the chances of damage.
  • You can use any reliable windows software for repairing or removing bad sectors form hard disk easily.

Best Free Software to download for removing Bad Sectors from Hard Disk

If you think that recovering files from a damaged hard disk is not possible, then you are literally wrong because there are few amazing softwares which are actually designed for this particular job. Here I am sharing the best 3 softwares for which you can use in repairing or removing the bad sectors from hard disk easily. All these softwares are free to download but they are even available in paid versions as well. These softwares are significantly the ideal solution for people who are unable to access the files from the hard disk due to few bad sectors and these softwares help in gaining access to the files as well as even save or transfer them on another drive safely.

HDD Regenerator

This software is even my personal favorite because it helps in ruling out all the possibilities of the hard disk being physically damaged or any issues with the software including viruses which prevents us in accessing the stored files. It does helps in repairing the bad sectors from hard disk easily whether it’s a physical damage drives. It even does help in restoring the data on the bad sectors of the hard disk as it discovers all the bad sectors in an exhaustive manner. The beauty of using this software is that it works flawlessly and even helps in regenerating all the physically damaged drives and restores the same as if bought a new one.

How to remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk

It works well under DOS environment as well as is capable of accessing those files which windows are unable to. The free version of this software is capable of repairing only one bad sector but at least gives an idea that you need the same for repairing or removing bad sectors if happened in future. Investing in this software is really a worth for a lifetime as a good investment. Moreover, you will really feel happy while accessing the files easily from the bad sectors of the hard disk and save the same onto another drive.

Ariolic Disk Scanner

It is the best freeware utility software which is easily compatible even with Windows 7 too. It is capable of detecting all the read errors on the hard disk which is particularly a bad sign because there is a possibility that your hard disk can fail at any point of time. This software basically creates a raw sector in order to read check the whole hard disk. After checking the same, it displays the result showing good as well as the bad sectors. This particularly helps in accessing the bad state of the hard disk as well as helps us in deciding our actions. It is good time to save all the important data before repairing or removing the bad sectors if it has displayed many bad sectors.

Flobo Hard Disk Repair

How to remove Bad Sectors from Hard Disk

It is tiny utility software which helps in repairing or removing the bad sectors from hard disk by freezing computers as well as preventing the users from browsing or encoding the data as well. It works similarly as the other two softwares I mentioned above. It is capable of making the computer work again flawlessly and even it allows predicting any hard disk failure before its occurrence so that you do not lose any data. This particularly allows us to backup the data before it harms the computer.

You really need not to buy as these softwares are available for free. Other than these, there are many but Salvation DATA Bad Sectors Repair and DiskPatch is worth a try. You can choose the best for preventing problems in future.


The bad sectors of the hard disk happen due to the read-write errors in the hard disk’s magnetic platter because it is only place where the data is being written as well as deleted. This significantly occurs after using the particular computer or laptop for several years. But it is even possible to recover or remove bad sectors from hard disk using softwares which are particularly designed for carrying the process. I have mentioned the best softwares for removing bad sectors from hard disk. You really need not to panic because bad sectors are just a reality part of the hard disks. Nevertheless, you must need to have backups of the data because bad sectors can strike anytime and sudden developed bad sectors can directly lead to failure of the hard disk.

I really hope that this tutorial helps you in repairing or removing the logical errors form your hard disk. If you liked this article, then don’t forget to share the same with your friends as this might be able to help them too.