How to recover data from Android Phone


recover data from Android Phone

It has been numerous times that we accidentally delete some important data from our smartphone and later on regret for the same as we fail in recovering it. But at that time you need not to panic as there are various ways through which you can easily recover data from android phone. You need not to worry whether you have rooted or a non-rooted device, we have managed to come up with a way to recover data from android phone from both. Until and unless you attempt your recovery, you need not to save anything and even turn off all the wireless connections too so that no automatic updates occur which usually overwrites the previously stored data which you might loss then.

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How to recover data from Non-Rooted Android Phone- Steps to be followed

If you really have no idea about “rooting” that means you does have one non-rooted device only.

  • Connect the internal/external phone memory of your android device with PC as Mass Storage using USB cable. You can even easily connect it directly by using a MicroSD card adapter.

Sometimes, external memory poses an issue and if is it so then use an adapter because some android phones doesn’t manage the memory in same way and even the recovery is better if you do have a cleaner connection between the device and data.

recover data from android phone

  • Download the best data recovery software like Recuva or Wondershare Dr. Fone (for rooted android phones) or Data Recovery from Google Store or Undelete Beta (rooted device) and many more. But the best and great free tool is Recuva.
  • Download and install the Recuva recovery software and select the types of files which you need to recover. Option for specific locations from which you need to recover the data is also available and even you can recover data from a selected folder too.

Recuva Recovery Software will only display those locations from which it can easily recover data.

  • Now, you just need to follow the steps which are prompted after running the program.

It is important to note that after recovering the data, try to save the files on different device because saving the same on original one might cause damage to recovery. For instance, if you recover files from smartphone it is recommended to save the same on your PC and transfer them later.

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How to recover data from Rooted Android Phone- Steps to be followed

  • Firstly, download Undelete Beta which is very simple application to use.
  • Select the device from which you need to recover the data and scan it.
  • The whole process might take around 2 to 10 minutes which depends on the memory size as well as the data amount which is stored.
  • After finishing the process, the retrievable data will be displayed from which you can select and the data which will be recovered will go back to its original place.

How to recover data from android phone

It might be possible that this method work partially only if there is a problem with the memory of your android phone. If that is the case, proceed with any other data recovery software.

This is all about how we can recover data from android phone in just few simple clicks.

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90% of smartphone users experience data loss and then feel pained for losing data. But you need not to worry as all the digitally deleted data can be recovered easily. We have discussed the method for non-rooted as well as rooted device and you need not to worry if you lose your precious data.

If you are aware about any other method to recover data from android phone, then do not forget to share with us about the same.