How to get Start Menu on Windows 8.1

Windows 10 is just making rounds around the corner but before its final launch, Microsoft has planned to fix out one of the major mistakes with Windows 8 which is the missing start button and menu. But the start button made a comeback with Windows 8.1 but people still miss the Start Menu. If you really want it back then you probably need one of these utilities. but do you know how to get Start Menu on Windows 8.1? The classic pop-up menu is back with Windows 8.1 which was significantly removed in Windows 8 and even it does ads on with some extra features including customization which even Microsoft has never even thought of ever. Most of the utilities are absolutely free and one which costs a little is really worth a try. If you think that waiting for a little more time is worth then it is actually not because there is no point in waiting for enjoying the awesome enhancements.

How to get Start Menu on Windows 8.1

Give the Start Menu

When you click on the Start button, it will put you directly on the Start page of Windows 8.1 and luckily all the programs work perfectly with the classic pop Start menu. ReviverSoft’s free Start Menu Reviver, Stardock’s $5 Start8 and IOBit’s free Start Menu 8 are the simplest programs which I personally tested. All these three programs produce proper exact copy of the Windows 8.1 Start Menu but the Start8 one does the best job.


How to get Start Menu on Windows 8.1

It is really useful which offers a choice of selecting the Start menu look-alike Windows 7 or the Start Page of Windows 8. It is quite really easy while switching between these two choices but you will not get the same amount of controls within its menu programs. You even can’t be able to configure the feel as well as the look of the start menu and even you can’t be able to create the custom shortcuts as well.

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Start Menu 8

How to get Start Menu on Windows 8.1

This utility tool works similarly to Start8 and producing decent Start Menu alike Windows 7. Though it does lacks in a little design polish but it features extra touches including the “Switch to Metro” button which helps in taking up the Microsoft Start Page along with the option for MetroApps which is significant provider for direct access which is used in the Windows 8 interface. It is even helpful in bridging the gap between the two approaches.

Start Menu Reviver

How to get Start Menu on Windows 8.1

This utility tool brings back the start menu to Windows 8.1. It purely dispenses the old look and adopts afresh one i.e. the Modern design style which can be seen in Windows 8. It significantly doesn’t take over with the Start Page of Windows as it will be easily accessible. It helps in creating as well as tweaking the files and you can simply drag and drop for creating a tile of the particular installed program.

The best ones are the Pokki and Classic Shell which works flawlessly not just by adding the Start Menu but even offers additional features which significantly improves the Windows experience. Overall, Pokki is an excellent Microsoft Start Menu provider along with the Start page which helps us in starting programs faster and in a more efficient way. This is how to get Start Menu on Windows 8.1.

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I thought that these apps might get finished after the announcement of Windows 8.1 because of the poor Microsoft compromise but luckily, these utility apps still roam around between the gap features of Start Menu and Start Button on Windows 8.1. These are the best solution which gives us everything we want to have as well as the power for tweaking our requirements.