How to download Apps from PlayStore to PC

There is no doubt that the process of downloading apps from PlayStore to PC is quite a difficult one because of Google’s strict policies which prevents us from downloading the apps to other devices. Android OS does allow us to download APK files on our PCs and thus we can install the same but these files are significantly hosted by other third-party apps. Back in 2013, APK Downloader came into market; service which is web based and allows us to download apps from PlayStore to PC. Also, we have a Raccoon application which works for the same purpose. All the applications which are Java based require our Google Account credentials which does even allow us to download all the apps which are non-paid i.e. available for free directly on PC. Let me tell you guys that now, you can easily link your bank account to Google wallet as well. You might think that why I am telling you about this? I am letting you know because for this purpose as well, you need to download the app from Google PlayStore. So, coming back, do you have any idea about how to download apps from PlayStore to PC?

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Let us consider that fact which you all might have experienced as well that while downloading the app which is paid from Google PlayStore but realizing that your android device does not have a sufficient room space for the same. Or it is might be possible that your android device doesn’t even support the same app. What to do then? Do you know how to download apps from PlayStore to PC? Yes, you can download the APK file of the app onto your PC and enjoy the same using an android emulator, BlueStacks on your PC. Now, here I am with multiple ways to download APK files of the apps from Google Play Store to PC easily and securely. You can easily use a Google Chrome extension which automatically generates a link to download. I have managed to bring two methods. Follow any of these to download apps from playstore.

How to download Apps from PlayStore to PC

How to download Apps from PlayStore to PC (APK Files)

  • Navigate to Google PlayStore official site and login using your Google Account
  • Type in the name of the app which you need to download
  • Click on the preferred version of the app which you need to download
  • When you will be taken to the actual page of your preferred app, then you need to copy the URL from last from “com.”
  • Navigate to APK Downloader and paste the copied URL for generating the Download Link for the same.
  • After generating the link, you can click on the same to download and save its APK file on your PC.

This is how to download APK files from Google PlayStore to PC. But still question remains the same that how to download Apps from PlayStore to PC.

How to download Apps from PlayStore to PC

How to download Apps from PlayStore to PC with a browser extension

If you need to download multiple APKs or apps to your PC, then the best idea is to install an extension or add-on on Chrome or Firefox. Now, you will be thinking what is an extension? It is a simple additional tool which help the browsers in making certain actions really easy including link sharing, ad blocking, APK downloads and much more.

For this tutorial, you need to download CodeKiem’s APK Downloader extension version 2 which is supported by both Chrome as well as Firefox.

  • Once after successful installation, you need to enter your email address associated with Google PlayStore Account along with the device ID (find it through dialing *#*#8255#*#*)
  • Find the Android ID and enter the same in the extension. If you are unable to find the same, then you can easily download the Device ID app from playstore as well.
  • Now, it’s time to navigate to Google PlayStore official site and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

This is all about how to download Apps from PlayStore to PC. Once it is done, you can even transfer the same APK file to your android device and install on your android device as well.

Please Note: You can enjoy playing Android Apps on your PC using BlueStacks Android emulator as well.

For knowing about the method of the same, you can go through my other tutorials for downloading the apps for PC using BlueStacks.

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We all know that Android is the ruling OS in the market and despite there are many other popular OS like iOS and Windows, it does manages to retain its charm. The main reason behind its sustainability is its Android Market, Google PlayStore. If you wish to download APK files or apps from PlayStore to PC in order to speed up the download process and save the data internet of your android device, then follow this tutorial for the same.

The methods which I have shared are really useful but if you experience any issues regarding the same, you can leave your comments below. If you are aware about any more methods about how to download apps from playstore to PC, then do let us know about the same.