How to Combine Two Internet Connections

Presently, we are into an era of Internet where we all do depend on it even for slightest or little issues. Even it is common to have two or more internet connections at every home now, for instance, LAN or 3G or Wi-Fi connections. Wireless Networking is being the most suitable choice for connecting internet as it helps in connecting routers with devices easily. And now, you can even secure your wireless network from hackers too. We all even get bored with slow internet connections too. But what if I tell you that you can combine two internet connections simultaneously? Feeling glad? Happy to know that but how to combine two internet connections? Please now don’t just start wondering about the same because I am here to share a method for the same so that you can able to enjoy internet with great speed.

How to Combine Two Internet Connections

Recently, when I search through internet about how to combine two internet connections I came through multiple forums where users asked about the same but many of them were not satisfied with the solutions given to them. So, I thought that why not to share the methods for the same with you which I tried out myself. Even for merging two of my internet connections together, I spent countless hours searching of the ways for the same but couldn’t able to find any reliable solution except some few. Therefore, I am here today with a tutorial on how to combine two internet connections safely and securely.

Why we need to combine two internet connections?

We all know that one persistent internet connection is quite enough only if its having good bandwidth as well as is stable. But what if you need to have more speed and better performance while performing multiple tasks? In most of the cases, it’s not the speed which matters, it’s the stability.

How to Combine Two Internet Connections using Load Balancing Router + TP-Link

TP-Link is the best load balancing provider which is reliable as well as efficient. It does helps in connecting 4 WAN connections together.

How to Combine Two Internet Connections

  • You need to configure all the WAN connections first
  • Connect and check all the settings on your PC
  • Click Un-Check “Balanced Based Bandwidth Routing” and “Application Optimized Routing”
  • Set in the proper MTU along with other settings

You successful combined multiple internet connections together quite easily.

How to Combine Two Internet Connections using Software Based Load Balancing

I would like recommend you all with Connectify Dispatch which is particularly a load balancer of network which helps in combining the speed of all the internet connections together. It specifically works when your PC is connected to multiple internet connections like tethered smartphones, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc. Remember that you need not use two connections associated with same internet connection i.e. wireless and wired with same router because it might constrict the internet connection.

What you require?

  • Download Connectify Dispatch
  • Multiple internet connections

How to Combine Two Internet Connections


  • Download and install Connectify Dispatch properly
  • Connect to two or more internet connections
  • Open Connectify Dispatch and click on dispatch tab

This particularly means that you have successfully combined two internet connections together. You can even prefer to combine two or more internet connections using Speedify which actually came from Connectify but is a great combo of VPN + load balancer. It does work the same like Connectify Dispatch but it includes in-built VPN which helps in moving the traffic to the best suitable connection so as to maintain the internet speed.


No doubt that there are numerous ways through which we can connect internet with our PCs. But there is a limitation to connect one internet connection at one time as Windows don’t allow us combining two internet connections which can help in boosting internet speed. But now, you can combine two internet connections together still you cannot override to the given bandwidth of the ISP. If you think that your download speed will increase then it will not. It will only create multiple sessions for the download which will ensure downloading at faster speed. The major advantage of combining two internet connections is with the download managers because they usually use multiple download sessions for downloading any file.

So, this is how to combine two internet connections easily and securely. If you have any doubts or know any more methods, do let me know the same in the comment section below.


  1. there are other software solution for combining multiple internet connections even better than connectify. i combined my 3g and lan connections using inetfusion from clusterlinks[.]com. it worked fine without the need for any configuration at all. most importantly inetfusion has a better affordable price.

    • Thanks a lot for your valuable information. I have added the software in my list and will soon review the same & will also update the article asap.