How do I find my WiFi Password

Oh! So, you have been connected to the WiFi network long back and forgot your password? If yes, then it is simple to find it out. Do you know that you can even look up for all the previous passwords you were previously connected to from your Windows PC, Mac, Linux or smartphone? WiFi brings in a lot of magic but comes with all the pains as well. One of the major self-inflicted pain is forgetting the password. We all have faced this issue once when we create a long random password and promptly forgets it. Once, I forgot my WiFi password and then a question popped up in my mind, how do I find my WiFi password and then, I even received few queries regarding the same issue. And then, I thought why not share an article briefing about the methods to find the WiFi password easily and quickly.

How do I find my WiFi Password

Even with the advancement in the WiFi technology, one of the major problems which people do face is the weak point in the WiFi signals due various reasons. But, this problem has got a solution. So, for improving the speed of your WiFi connection, use WiFi Extenders. Coming back to our question, how do I find my WiFi password. We have numerous ways for retrieving the WiFi Password of the network to which we are connected. Out of these methods, some are quite easy and pretty handy, while some are excessively complex ones. One of the most common mistakes which people do these days is forgetting their WiFi password. It is quite really irritating not knowing the WiFi password to the network to which most of our devices are connected to. So, today, we are here with a tutorial including different methods on how to find WIFi password.

How do I find my WiFi Password in Windows using Command Prompt

  • Click on the Start Menu and type cmd followed by Enter
  • Right-click and select Run as administrator
  • The command prompt will open where you need to type <strong>netsh wlan show profile name=WiFi name key=clear</strong> followed by Enter
  • After enter, you will see all the details including the WiFi password
  • If you want to check the previous connections, then type netsh wlan show profiles

This is one of the best and easiest methods about how to find out your WiFi password in Windows.

How do I find my WiFi Password in Windows using General Method

  • Right-click on the WiFi symbol displayed in the system tray and select Open Network and Sharing Center
  • Click on Change Adapter Settings
  • Right-click n the WiFi network and select status
  • Click on the Wireless Properties
  • Click on Security>>Show Characters

How do I find my WiFi Password

So, if a question pops up in your mind that ‘where do you find the password for wifi’, then this is the best solution.

How do I find my WiFi Password in Mac using Terminal

  • To open Spotlight, press cmd+space
  • To open Terminal window, type terminal
  • Now, enter the command security find-generic-password -wa WiFi network name followed by the Mac username and password
  • The password for your WiFi will be displayed

So, if you own a Mac, then this is how to find your WiFi password.

How do I find my WiFi Password in Linux

  • To open the Terminal window, press Ctrl+Alt+T
  • Type the command sudo cat /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/WiFi network name | grep psk=Linux username and password
  • The WiFi password will be displayed on the screen.

So, if you have a Linux OS, this is all about how to find the password for wifi. Isn’t it really simple?

How do I find my WiFi Password in Android Phone

To carry forward with this method, you need a rooted Android device along with an ES File Explorer app installed.

  • Click open the ES File Explorer app and go to Menu>>Local>>Select Device>>Allow the Super User permission
  • Click open the folder Data followed by folder Misc
  • Now, open the folder WiFi where you will find a file named as wpa_supplicant.conf.
  • Open the file and search for the WiFi name (SSID) and below it, you will find the WiFi password (PSK).

how do i find my wifi password

So, this is how to get wifi password from android phone.


It is really important to secure your wireless connections from the intruders and even keep changing your WiFi password frequently to avoid any such situations. This is the reason why people create long, random passwords and promptly forgets them too. But it is important to keep them safe somewhere. Os, if you have lost it or forget it, then here we have answered a simple question ‘how do I find my WiFi password’.

We hope that now you can easily get the WiFi password on any device you own. Right? It is really simple and you need not have any knowledge about it. If you face any issues, you can contact us through the comments below. And if you are aware of any more such methods to find the WiFi password, then you can share the same with us.