Google Duo Review | Video Calling App by Google

Google Duo is a new app by Google which is specifically made for one to one video calling. The app has made a lot of buzzes while it was revealed as Google already have Hangouts and still Duo is made. Google Duo is made with only one aim in mind and that is to provide a simple and fast video calling platform. To achieve this aim Google sure has done a lot to make this app fast and light to differ it from other video calling apps. And this Google Duo Review will cover everything to know what makes Duo standout.

Google Duo Review

Google Duo, after launch, is directly subjected as a competitor for Skype, FaceTime and other video calling services. Although Duo is not something that should be taken as a competitor for any other app, as it only aims to video call. Whereas the other apps are doing much more than just video call like messaging, group chat, Gifs, video filters and what not. Moreover, this app cannot work on all platforms like laptops or tablets but, it can only work on an Android or iOS mobile. Whereas it’s competitors can surely work on all platforms and they are doing it for a long time.

You can easily register in this app using your phone number and it’ll do verification check with a message. After that, you are all set to use Google Duo.

Google Duo Interface

The interface of this app is one of the most minimalistic interfaces you’ll ever see. All you can find is a front camera facing towards you, video call button, options button and two contacts you talked lately. The video call button, when pressed, shows all your contacts so you can select a name to call. The options buttons will give you a few options like to vibrate the phone or ring the phone while a call is coming. The two contacts showing actually works as a speed dial to those contacts.

Google Duo Interface

One you have called someone then you can see the person on the other end since it’s a video calling app. Then there are three more things, a camera switch button, mute microphone button and your own image. The camera switch button will switch the front camera to rear camera to show other things to the other person. Then mute microphone is easy to guess, it just mutes your microphone and another person will not be able to hear what you say. That’s all with the interface of Google Duo and this minimalist interface tells that Duo is only aiming for video calling and nothing else.

Video and Audio Quality

Google has tried to make this app very light so that it can work with bad internet connections as well. That thing surely worked well with Google Duo when I tested it. It connects very quickly and even on the bad internet connection you can do video calling although you might have to lose quality. If your internet connection is good then, the video seems to be very clear and you can clearly see the person in front.

As soon as the internet connection goes bad the video loses the quality and sometimes become shaky. With the even bad connection, video stops and a message is displayed “Poor connection. Video paused.”, although you can hear the audio. After this the video completely stops with a blank screen but, the audio call still goes on. The audio quality remains good in all conditions and you can hear each word clearly. You can say that this app is very good if your purpose is only to video chat and nothing more.

Knock Knock Feature

Knock knock is a feature of Google Duo in which if a person calls then his video is shown to another person prior to picking the call. So the app starts the camera ever before the person on another side has picked up the call. This way the person on another side can already see what you are up to and can get an idea that why are you calling him/her. It’s a nice feature but there’s not a significant use of this feature till now. Maybe in future Google can do some changes to make this feature worthwhile.

Mobile Data Consumption

Google Duo is one of the best video calling apps when it comes to mobile data consumption. It barely uses any data as compared to all other apps which are a huge plus for this app. The main reason or this is that there is an option in the app to Limit data usage which is enabled by default. Due to that if you call someone for a few minutes then it might take only 20 to 30 MB of data. While, if you switch off the Limit data usage option then it can consume above 150 MB for few minutes. So if you are on a Wi-Fi then you can switch off that option otherwise, I would suggest you to keep that option selected.


Duo is a good app for video calling and there is no doubt in that but it is only restricted to video calling. If you want only video calling and that too one to one video call then, definitely go for Google Duo. Although if you want anything extra like messaging or Gif or group chats then Google Duo is just not for you. Moreover, people have already installed other video calling apps so it might be difficult to convince people to use it. Because you can only call those using this app who has already installed this app. Finally, the app is good but only for video calls and I would be using it for the same.