Everything you need to know about Android 6.0- Marshmallow

You all will definitely agree with me that every release of Google’s OS has managed to get a sweet treat name. So, now we have a new version, Android 6.0. Many Googlers have revealed its sweet treat name as Marshmallow. It is most likely to be released by October or November this year and the most important thing is to note that it will be a substantial update because it’s no longer a 5-point Android version. All the developers out there can download the preview SDK of Android 6.0 which can help them in testing the apps. There are numerous features which will be included with the new Android 6.0- Marshmallow, like direct sharing between multiple Android devices and fingerprint-sensors with system-level support.

Android 6.0- Marshmallow

Google has finally confirmed its new Android M update as Android 6.0- Marshmallow. The final version of the new updated Android has also been released along with the Android 6.0 SDK. For months, we all been in a guessing game and when the final iteration by Google has been announced, everyone started pondering out everything to know about the new Android version, Marshmallow. Along with the feature of fingerprint sensor, it will also feature Doze power saving mode along with new permissions model, including improved power management, custom Chrome tabs and fingerprint support.

So, come on, let’s peep into some of the cool features of Android 6.0- Marshmallow.

Android 6.0- Marshmallow Features

App Permissions

The major overhaul has been received by the App Permissions by Google which will significantly help the users in deciding which permissions they actually want to revoke or allow, particularly based on their frequently used functions. We all know that currently, users need to agree for the app permissions in order to install or update the apps, but with Android Marshmallow, users will particularly receive a notification for using a particular function within the app.

Google has significantly discovered 8 parameters which include contacts, camera, location and so on, for helping the users in giving the permissions. For instance, if you wish to send a voice message on WhatsApp, a notification will pop up asking for your permission for using the microphone. Users can also revoke the app permissions later. Moreover, the app updates will also not ask the users to allow the app permissions unless the user will be using the feature which needs some permission.

Improved Web Experience with Custom Chrome Tabs

Now, the new Android Marshmallow will feature Chrome Custom Tabs which will help the users in including the web views through an app without switching to Chrome browser. The Chrome browser will keep on running on the top of the apps which will help with auto-fill the details within the apps. Moreover, the custom Chrome tabs will take on the colours and fonts of the app itself, which will give a seamless experience. It is just similar to the Instant Articles on Facebook. The only difference is that it will give you an experience of browsing from within the app itself.

App Linking

Android features App linking, which significantly helps in choosing the particular web link within the app. For instance, if the user is having Twitter link in the inbox, clicking on the same will prompt up a notification asking you want to open the link within the app or in the browser. Also, it will allow the developers with its SDK version to add a feature of auto-verify which will help the user opening the link within the installed app itself.

Android Pay

The feature of Android Pay will help the users in using the NFCfeature for making the payments as well as using the host card techniques for using the tap-to-pay services. Users just need to unlock their android phone and keep it near the NFC terminal for making the payments. The feature will be inbuilt on the T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon devices and has significantly replaced the Google Wallet App.

Fingerprint Support

With the new Android 6.0- Marshmallow version, the feature of fingerprint sensor will get more standardized. It will significantly help in making the standard API blend with their sensors. Users can even use the fingerprint sensors for authorizing the transactions made through Android Pay, as well as it helps in unlocking the device and making the purchases on Play Store.

Power Management

The new Android 6.0 version will feature Doze, a smart power-manager which will help in managing the background processes. It particularly keeps a track of the processes through its motion detection sensor and if it detects a long running process with no activity, it automatically shuts down the same.

Apart from these cool features, Android Marshmallow has got numerous other improvements which include the Copy/Paste function and Direct share feature.


Android Lollipop was one of the most design-centric update by Google, but now with Android 6.0- Marshmallow, Google gets back to its basics, focusing particularly on making the improvements of the features which are already existing over and trying to fix all the bugs. I have managed to brief out some of the best upcoming features in Marshmallow, but obviously there are more too.

What you think about the new Android 6.0- Marshmallow? Are you impressed with the new version?