About Us

YoGadz is a place for real Tech geeks. We have tried to maintain YoGadz as a platform where hardcore tech followers can roam, enjoy and can say “Yo this is exactly what we want”. YoGadz was started with an aim in mind to create a hardcore place for tech lovers. There are a lot of tech blogs on internet but they all are just flooding with phone related information so we thought to bring some real tech related website. And most tech love comes from youth so we also added Yo to show that this is a place for youth. With youth we doesn’t mean that people above a certain age can’t visit our website instead Yo refers to the youth in you. So if you think that there is youth in you and there’s love for Tech in your heart then YoGadz is the place for you. Here you can enjoy ever changing technology in the most easiest way and when we say technology then we really mean technology (not just phones and stuff).

What is our aim?

Our sole moto is to make Technology so easy and understandable that from an infant to an old man everyone can understand it.

Who works on YoGadz?

There is a team of dedicated Tech experts who are always working to explain Tech in the most simplest manner.

What makes YoGadz so special?

Here we not just try to provide you Tech information in simple form instead we try to make it interesting for you. We always try to maintain content relevancy and its uniqueness. Most importantly we try maintain a good relationship with our reader, and if you are still not down with that then we have even got YoFactors and YoFeatures which just give you the most important things you should have in mind while going for anything in Tech.

Can I work on YoGadz?

Yes, you can provide us information that you think is new or wanted by a lot of people or can help a lot of people and then leave the rest to us.

How many questions can I ask regarding a particular post?

You can ask endless questions about anything related to Tech, we’ll we very happy to help you out. You can either ask questions in the comment section of the related post or can also put up your queries in Forum.

From where YoGadz Team get so many topics to write on?

The simplest answer for this is from experience. Everyone of YoGadz Team just loves technology and we are 24×7 playing with it. We even listen to our readers and also write what they like us to write. So do you want us to consider something you have in mind, just say Yo and contact us.

Do I allow guest posts?

No, YoGadz Team is very strict on this. We do not say that our visitors cannot write good articles instead we just don’t want anyone to suffer with slightest of mistake in the guest post.

Can I leave links on YoGadz?

A strict no here as well, in order to maintain the quality and value of the blog we just don’t allow links of any type. Necessary links will be there in the posts which are only to help get more information related to the topic.

Can I copy YoGadz content?

No, we give no flexibility for this. Authors of YoGadz Team work hard to bring something Techy to tech lovers and we just don’t want anyone to use it for their own good. The content is specially written for tech lovers visiting YoGadz.

From this we think now it’s time to get Techy, so say Yo and let get back to hit some TECH.